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The National Rendezvous and Living History Foundation invites you to the

38th Annual Eastern Primitive Rendezvous
September 26 - October 4, 2014

J&J Cron Farm
1315 East Rusk Road
Troy, Ohio


Mike Jamison
(937) 541-6386

Mary Beth Aust-Keefer
(937) 597-8973

Vicki Johnson
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Melinda Wenrick

Pre-registration deadline
August 26, 2014

Please register in advance if possible.
It helps with deciding on number of
port-a- johns, amount of wood,
amount of food and other decisions.

--NMLRA members and spouse
or significant other - $45 each
--Non-members - $55 each
--Children 17 and younger - free
--Dependants 18 and older -
$22.50 each
--Registration at gate - add $10
per adult
--Early set-up fee - $5/day per
adult if not pre-registered
--Trader fee - $35
--Commercial blanket trader - $10

For a printable registration form
from the NRLHF website,
click here.

Mail completed registration form
with a check made out to

PO Box 376
Hershey PA, 17033

To register online, visit and click on
"Shopping Cart" on the menu bar. You
may pay through a Paypal
account.  Your paperwork will be
waiting for you at the gate, or
better yet, fill out a registration
form and take it with you.
(Please note: To pay online you
must wait until after January 1, 2014.)

For more registration
information, contact NRLHF at:

Fax: 717-707-0718
NRLHF info:

For information about event
rules and regulations, ethics,
trade rules and other
information, please
click here.

To print a registration form,
click here.

Gate hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. for early setup Wednesday, September 24, and Thursday, September 25, as well as for general setup Friday, September 26.

On Public Days Saturday & Sunday, September 27 & 28 participants may bring vehicles into camp for setup or tear down 7-9 a.m. and must leave by 10 a.m., or 5-7 p.m. and must leave by 8 p.m. On Wednesday, October 1, vehicles may only bring vehicles into camp 8-10am and must leave by 11am. There will be no gate hours Wednesday afternoon.

On Non-Public Days Monday & Tuesday September 29 & 30 and Thursday & Friday October 2 & 3 participants may bring vehicles into camp for setup or tear down 8-10 a.m. and must leave by 11 a.m., or 3-5 p.m. and must leave by 6 p.m.

Gate hours will be strictly enforced.

Beginning Friday, September 26, period clothing is required. Please move your vehicle to the parking lot immediately after you finish setting up.

Opening ceremony is 7 p.m. Friday, September 26.

Early set up: There is no time limit for setup Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, September 24 thru 26. There will be no early setup fee Wednesday and Thursday, September 24 & 25, for campers registered in advance. Non-registered people arriving before Friday will be charged $5 per person per day.

Public days: Entire camp is open 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, September 27 & Sunday, September 28 and Wednesday October 1, 2pm until the conclusion of the lantern tour. Gate fee is $5 for everyone 13 and older. Admission is free for children ages 12 and younger and active service personnel with valid ID.

All clothing, lodges and accoutrements must fit into the 1640-1840 time period in North America. Absolutely no modern footwear or sunglasses, unless medically required. Period eyewear is encouraged. Modern eye and ear protection is allowed on the firing line only. All modern items (coolers, cans, bottles, plastic, etc.) must be kept out of sight at all times. Turn off cell phones or set them on vibrate and keep them out of sight. Keep cameras hidden when not in use. No flash photos.

Wood, water, port-a-johns and trash pickup will be provided. Ice will be sold daily. During trash and ice runs, period bags must be used to transport ice and trash to or from camp. This will be enforced!
NO propane, kerosene heaters, Coleman lanterns or charcoal lighter fluid will be permitted, except for approved food vendors.

DO NOT dump the contents of chamber pots into a trash bag. Needles must be properly discarded.

There will be no separate areas for long-term camps or primitive pack-in.

Emergency message contact number: To reach a staff member to deliver a message, please call Melissa Adams (614) 565-0513. Emergency: Contact Miami County Sheriff's Office Emergency Dispatch (937) 440-9911, or dial 911 in an emergency.

Disabled participants: A camp area for the disabled will be provided near the handicapped parking lot.
Abide by pre-1840 rules as much as possible. Carts, walkers and registered service animals are allowed. NRLHF follows federal American with Disabilities Act rules regarding service animals.

Modern camp: A modern camp area will be provided. No hookups. No camping is permitted in the parking lot.

Animal rules: No pets are allowed in primitive areas. Pets are allowed in the modern area, subject to the NRLHF nuisance policy.

Only horses and mules are permitted in primitive area. Current negative Coggins certificate will be required at the gate. You are responsible in all ways for the health, safety, conduct and feed of your animals. Make sure animals are tolerant of the sight, sounds and chaos of rendezvous. All tack, wagons, buggies and accessories must be period appropriate.

Traders are responsible for all applicable permits, and licenses. Traders are responsible for collection of appropriate sales taxes. NO advertising on hooter fort walls. For questions regarding NRLHF trade rules (including the use of propane) see the trade rules sections of or contact a member of the staff.
NOTICE: It is the responsibility of traders and possessors of FURS, CLAWS, FEATHERS, etc. to be in compliance with Ohio and Federal laws. Contact the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife, District 5, 1076 Old Springfiels Pike, Xenia, Ohio 45385, 937-372-9261 or Miami County Wildlife Officer Jasmine Grossnickle at 937-372-5639 ext. 5215.

Sutlers: You are responsible for all collection of taxes or any permits needed. If there is a dispute, the trade captain's decision is final. Trade blankets are subject to trade rules.

Trader Area: The designated trader area will be open 11am-3pm daily. Saturday through Friday, ecept Wednesday when public hours start at 2pm. Traders are welcome to set up in other parts of camp. However, the entire camp will be open to the public only the first Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday.

Registration: The pre-registration deadline is August 26, 2014. Envelopes must be postmarked and online transactions must be completed by that date. Please allow a few extra days for online transactions.

For NMLRA members and spouse or significant other, advanced registration is $45 each ($90 per couple). For non-members, the fee is $55 each ($110 per couple). The fee for dependants age 18 and older (except a spouse or partner) is $22.50 each. Children ages 17 and younger are free. Registration at the gate for people who have not preregistered will be an additional $10 per person.

Rendezvous fees include a medallion, all competitions and camp dinner. Seminars may have a small fee. A medallion will be required to re-enter the rendezvous, vote in elections or enter competitions.

Trader fees are $35, plus registration fees. Please check trade rules. Commercial blanket trader fee is $10, plus registration. Check trade rules for value amount of trade goods allowed for blanket traders.

Conduct which disrupts the peace and order of the camp may result in immediate expulsion from the event. Stealing, fighting or illegal drug use will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the event. Depending on severity, local law enforcement may be notified. The sale, trsde or bsrter of alcohol is prohibited by the state of Ohio. To volunteer to help with ice and trash runs or other duties, call a staff member before the event or sign up at the gate.

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For more complete listing and details, visit or call 717-312-3016, fax 717-707-0718.

2014 Eastern Primitive Rendezvous
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